Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Green Lantern Corps #58 Variant
Weather has sidetracked me by causing a cold to form.  I have a big Youth Event Friday.  Doc appointment tomorrow.  

I was doing so well with the post.  I will be on a limited buying trip to the comic shop as bills take priority.  Expect a Batgirl review next week though.  It will be interesting picking what to buy from the hold box.  I do plan on picking up the next issue of Supergirl after the new team came on.

Sadly, I read that Dwayne McDuffie died.  I was just reading his Justice League of America stuff a few weeks back.  It is a sad passing for comics and the world in general.  He was such a creative force.  He also was a good role model and example to kids of all colors, but the African-American community specifically.  His family is in my prayers.