Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Warriors #0 or The Mighty Thor #411 & 412

There came a day when the heroes of the Marvel Universe were older and had become so engrossed in fighting their personal bad guys that low level scum seemed to be free to prey on the weak and helpless. At least that is what some young super powered teens thought. What you are about to be party to is the first in an ongoing look back on the comicbook that got me back into comics big time. The New Warriors were first seen here in the following issues of Thor, #411 & 412. It was during the Acts of Vengeance that we first got to see; (Kid) Nova, Namorita, Firestar, Justice, Speedball, and The Night Thrasher. They take on The Juggernaut when Thor is felled by a combination of his own health problems and the impact of his Hammer with Juggernaut trailing behind.

Yes, Thor lay defenseless. Juggernaut had a boxcar raised over his head prepared to crush the hero dead. That is when Firestar melted the boxcar to slag in Juggernaut's hands. A great fight ensues as Thor is helped to safety and recovery. The greatest scene is Night Thrasher going berserk and attacking Juggernaut on a skateboard. Then we did not know the way Thrasher's parents died nor how he felt toward evil doers. We just saw a silly non-powered guy in a special suit on a skateboard attacking the toughest foe of the X-Men.

Thor eventually joins the fight and still is unable to stop the Juggernaut. It is the teamwork of the Warriors that helps Thor dispatch Juggernaut to another dimension. It is the following panels that ends issue #412.

Thor bestows his thanks to the new kids on the block. The New Warriors are a team that was here to stay. They were given approval by Thor.  An endorsement like that is pretty important in the old school Marvel Universe.  These were a group of teens that had been coerced together, which we will learn next time, and end up becoming a favorite team to so many of us fans.  The grouping is a favorite of mine.  Not all mutants and not all Altered Humans.  It is the variety of heroes that will call themselves New Warriors which captures the imagination over the years.

Interesting take on justice.  A hero is merciful.  The New Warriors were born here and would soon be the stars of their own title from Marvel Comics.  Find out about the real New Warriors. Tune in to this Blog for a look at the entire run in story collected fashion. What was done to these characters stink. Only Nova survived to anchor his on title again and be the hero us fans of the New Warriors loved.