Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flashback Fridays: The Trials of the Flash

This will probably get posted on Saturday.  I thought when I went to the subbing job we would end up in the computer lab, but we didn't.  So I messed around and didn't get this done as timely as I wanted to do it.  I am sharing one of my loves, the Tangent Comics line from DC Comics.  It started as a fifth week event that grew and now has seen the characters interact with the current DCU.  I decided to share my favorite character, Lia Nelson, The Flash.  Think of Marvel's Captain Marvel (Photon) and you get an idea of her powers.  Throw in a bit of Dazzler and holographic artistry and you have her figured out.  She is one of the strongest of the Tangent heroes, yet also the gentlest and most happy.

In this issue we just get a glimpse of her father who tries to catch her for the shadowy Nightwing.  His style is much like Wiley Coyote in the way he always has a technological scheme and always ends up hurt.  She has begun playing games with this and it is very funny.  Her stage mother Mom is not in sight and that is awesome.

This issue could be a Secret Six adjacent story.  It is about Plastic Man and Lia being captured by their teammate The Spectre.  It is a great story and just shows a fun side of this strange and twisted version of Earth.  You can find this and many other great Tangent books in the back issue boxes around the country, so happy hunting.