Monday, March 14, 2011

Mantra Monday: Mantra #5

Mantra #5 (Back Cover)
So, when last I was able to write about Mantra she was returning from almost becoming the Bride of Boneyard.  Her and Warstrike had become almost trapped in that realm of magical living except for Mantra's sorcery being the best.  They start off here paying a visit to Strauss and complaining about the "faulty" merchandise he gave Warstrike.  We see Mantra excelling at the use of magic and balking at the romantic advances of Warstrike who knows inside she is a guy.  Creeps her out and she heads home passing her next foe unawares.

Seems Prime (another Ultraverse character) has beaten this demon and it has lost form.  The creep works for Boneyard apparently.  So when it spots Mantra it decides the best way to get in Boneyard's good graces is to kill Mantra.  What does this demon do?  Why go and find a form to assume.  So this genius finds a cartoon marathon of a strange wolf character.  So Mantra's new foe will be a Bugs Bunny knock-off.

The first battle is over Evie's (Eden's daughter) school.  The kids go nuts seeing their creepy cartoon hero attacking the urban legend and real hero Mantra.  It is a cute scene.  We find out that there is a Mantra girly magazine.  Evie bought one, Gus is checking out the woman, so it is so good that it is a model dressed up.  What the big finish is about takes us to a cartoon realm.  It is a silly battle that mocks and spoofs every cartoon chase scene every made.  This is a fun tale and Lucasz whines less about being Eden in this issue.  The last panels where Boneyard appears is just a perfect ending.