Monday, November 15, 2010

Wonder Woman #604

            Do you get that I am liking the story of Wonder Woman right now?  I am not happy she is separated from the rest of the DCU, but JMS is crafting a good tale.  This is the issue we get some action.  Not really any answers.  It has one awesome battle sequence.  Just page to page fiery action.  Diana faces her mother’s attacker.  She faces the “big bad” that we have seen so far.

            She gains one of her weapons in this issue and one of her lost abilities.  I really do not want to say a whole lot about the story because it would give so much away.  I am really liking the story.  As I have stated I see it not being a status quo.  When JMS ends his story the reality of Wonder Woman will return to the warrior we know.  It is still a weird way to treat a character that has been touted as part of a DCU Trinity.  

            I do not think she gets the respect that the male dominated DC Comics Corporation say they pay her.  It is almost as if she is tolerated because they need her as the DCU female icon.  When people that do not know comics think of female characters they do remember Wonder Woman and that she was the one who spun around.  To me she is and can be so much more.  Strong and independent women scare people.  What really scares people is the woman that can be both warrior and nurturer.  That is what Diana is in a nutshell.  If the need arises she can beat down any threat.  When someone is broken and hurting she can cradle them into safety.  Why can’t we have that Wonder Woman?

            Until that day I will support this character as much as possible.  Luckily for me I currently am enjoying the book and story in a way that secures its place on the pull list.