Friday, November 12, 2010

Rapid Remarks!

Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1                Think of this as the “Deleted Scenes” of the Blackest Night.  That is what we get here.  The book has tales that are glimpses of moments we did not get to see.  Donna Troy and the effects of the baby bite.  Some dumb Flash villains trying to become Black Lanterns.  Animal Man in the middle of his struggle with being a former dead person.  Scarecrow and his Yellow Ring, which I had hoped for more of a tale.  A tragic look at the result of the Black Rings on Ragman.  Costly, it runs $4.99.  Might be for completist only.  It will probably be collected with the trades.

Power Girl #17                       Why does Winnick have to write this?  I want to follow this character.  I really do.  I am not liking Judd Winnick on this book.  I rarely enjoy his work.  I am trying to wait out his run and see if someone else takes the writing chores soon.  If not, then I might be dropping PG in the near future.

Secret Six #27             Spawn is on the cover.  Not really, but that is what it looks like to me and apparently many of the people who saw the cover in the store.  I like Simone’s writing, but this piecemeal story telling is getting old.  Back to basics please.  Still, an Awesome Amanda Waller tale in these pages.  So that is worth the price of Admission.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #3                       Still great.  Has some of the best of the Lantern Corps present.  Other Lanterns here as well.  $3.99 price so you must weigh the financial side of reading this in single issues.

Green Lantern #58                The mystery of the Lantern Entities continues.  Looks like Carol will be Queen of the Zamorans.  This book has Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Atrocious, Carol Ferris, and Larfleeze.  C’mon you know you are reading this in single of trade versions.  This issue has the Blue Entity saving a child and choosing her as the vessel.  Plus Atrocious kills a bunch of murderers.  What I want to know is when are we getting the DexStarr One Shot?

Green Lantern Corps #53                  One image.  Kyle punching the crap out of Sinestro.  We see what the Weaponer did with the White Lantern Ring energy net that Boston Brand made.  It is intriguing that he can use it that way.  All action issue with cool concepts for ring energy.  This is a must read right now.  Been where the cool stories have been.

Batman Beyond #5 of 6                    You know they gave Terry McGuiness his own series right?  This issue shows us why it is a great book.  Bruce expresses his softer side.  A Dick Grayson cameo times two and the new Catwoman.  It is just a great read.

Zatanna #6                 A really good book so far.  I like the almost Fanfiction mind-control element here.  This is a nice look at the magical side of the DCU.  We get her cousin Zach here as well.  Very good read.

            This may become a regular post.  I can cover what I am reading and get just the basic thoughts out there.  What do you think?  Hey tell a friend.  I really hope to have rebuilt some recognition before I get to the Convention buys.  I want the people to get a bunch of coverage if I can.  Thanks for dropping by.