Saturday, November 13, 2010

Superman/Batman #77

            I admit that the cover drew me in.  When I saw Kara with a mushed Jack O’ Lantern on her head beside the smug Damien (Robin) I knew I had to read the book.  I really dislike the character of Damien, not as a character, as a person in the DC Universe.  He is an arrogant little jerk that has serious problems with his demeanor.  I can see him being a sociopath one day.  That said, when he interacts with other characters it provides a wonderful story and some awesome quips.  Batgirl’s run in with him was just great.  So how did the Maiden of Might fair?

            I agree with Dick, he has a crush on her.  Still, he called her alien and used her as a tool to investigate the deaths she was concerned about.  It was Supergirl who needed a detective and she sought out Batman, but Dick was with the JLA.  Next she asked about Red Robin, but Tim was apparently out as well.  She relents and tells Robin to find his own way to Metropolis and he can help.  The set up was very well conceived.  It also had a bit of an introduction of Robin by showing him facing off with Killer Croc.

            The two end up at a Halloween party in costumes no less.  They find the killer and the resulting attack places Supergirl against Robin in an interesting way.  The story is very well written and just a wonderful team up of these two DCU characters.  I also like the hood Damien has added to his Robin costume.  It makes it his style while adding something different to a classic look.  Kara is still in the midriff baring top and short skirt.  No wonder Damien has a crush.  This was a great read.