Tuesday, June 13, 2017

HeroesCon is my island

It is always funny that as I get ready to go to Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC life seems to crash upon me like a tidal wave.  I work my tail off trying to supplement my money to go and to be able to enjoy the Con.  I have two jobs, one in my calling as a Minister and one to try and pay bills and stay alive.  I know that if I did not live with my Dad I would be unable to make it.  I like being a minister most days.  I surf the wave of stress of the job and caring as I am called to do.  This year the second job had burned me out.  I was snappy and ill at the kids.  My health was dragging and I could feel it.  I made a decision to not work this summer.  It lowers money though.  Yet, I had scraped together a modest amount to go above my bills.  All bills paid and a plan for having things covered when I get home.

I thought I was doing OK.  I thought I could go and let things go for a bit.  No, life never slows.  What hurts is that it always feels like people don't get that I need a break as well.  I need to get away too.  I don't like the beach.  I don't really travel much because I just don't have the money to really do a lot of travel.  I go to Heroes Convention.  I have a good friend with an awesome wife who lets him accompany me.  People must think it is nothing, but for me it is the one thing that brings me joy.  It is a time where I do not have anyone to take care of but me.

So I am working to get my head back in a good frame of mine and also keep working to do what I need to do for work.  I just have to trust that God will provide the little things that always happen that make me smile and relax.