Monday, July 29, 2013

Mutant X Monday: Mutant X 1999 Annual

The Goblin Queen has taken control of New York and the President of the United States.  She controls a hybrid Sentinel/Demon army and wants to rule the Universe.  Of course her dimensionally switched husband Havok stands in her way.  He was falling and remembers dying, but this time he remains in this alternate Universe and is pulled out of the Hudson River by the Avenger Stingray.  That was cool enough for me.  I always liked that underused character.  We have a female Yellow Jacket and that rounds out the Avengers that we know are surviving under the Goblin Queen's rule.  At least as independently thinking people.

This is an action issue that serves to accelerate a story that will drag on a bit in the monthly installments.  Havok will team up with three Avengers, Doc Sampson being included) to track down the reason that Doctor Strange is missing and the Goblin Queen wants a parcel of land in Louisiana.  The battle there reveals some cool things about this Marvel Universe.  Doctor Strange has a BIG secret that revolves around the Man-Thing and the Nexus of all Realities.  Havok will be really interested in that secret.  Nick Fury and his crazy army is under the command of the Goblin Queen.  We get some great fighting.  Just cool.

A side story is the introduction of a character called Vendetta.  Before we here a name one would think that this is the alternate version of Daredevil.  Not so as the version of Firestar lets us know his name.  They team up and end up in Washington D.C.  Vendetta uses some mind powers on the Prez and we end up with a cliffhanger of Reed Richards being the new President of the United States.  That guy is rotten and in the monthly issue that follows the story along we see that played out.

There is a statement that the foursome of Doctor Strange, Yellow Jacket, Stingray, and the green Doc Savage will become The Defenders of this Marvel Alternate Reality.  It really is a cool Annual.