Monday, March 24, 2014

Malibu Mondays: Hard Case #1

So I am changing up our Mondays here at "Let's Blog Comics" and it starts tonight.  Since I want to fill in some Mantra issues I am starting Malibu Mondays to substitute for Mantra Mondays.  I know I have had problems on the Monday posts and I am working on it.  I give you our first Malibu Monday with HARD CASE #1.

It is 1993 and comics has seen the gluttony of special gimmick covers and really shocking events to push a speculator market.  A new company starts that promises quality over the flash and empty glitter.  Malibu Comics debuts the Ultraverse.  It is a place where those with powers are called Ultras and Hard Case #1 is part of the first group of books to come out.  It is different for the times.

We open to a massacre.  Our cover hero is standing at ground zero for the event that stopped his acting heroically for real.  Tom Hawke was part of a group called The Squad.  This weird thing that kind of looks like an alien from the "Aliens" movies is ripping the group to shreds.  A sacrifice and long leap later we get the tragic news and see the grief of our Hero Hard Case.  

Next we see he has taken to play acting his heroics as a movie star.  You can guess that something happens to draw him back to being a hero, its a comic about a superhero after all.  The hook is gruesome, but is what one might expect in real life.  That is something Malibu wanted to get back to in comics, the relateable feel of the characters.  I liked this start and will try and complete the series.  I started over Labor Day with some Hard Case purchases.

I picked this issue up at a local flea market in a used book sellers booth.  It was just mixed in with some random books.  It was in a sleeve and in nice condition.  I paid the $1 and walked away with this very plan for Malibu Mondays in mind.  I will give you a tip.  Malibu Comics is a great group to hunt for out in the world.  There are many around flea markets and similar events.  Rarely are the prices inflated like these people tend to do with Marvel and DC.  I mean they get a price guide and think there poor condition is worth what a mint sold for, give me a break.  So Malibu can be collected most times for a dollar or less.  These are good books to start with in my opinion.  You can check here for the books and see if any trip your fancy.