Monday, March 10, 2014

From the ICU

So I let my diabetes get out of control.  I am in the ICU right now, where I have been since 10:30 PM on Friday.  I basically had too little insulin in my body and the fatty acids inside me were consumed.  Acid built up and my sugar jumped to 519.  I was on an insulin drip until last night.  Was pretty sick.

It derailed my being with my kids for the 30 Hour Famine.  It is awesome though that I have some parents and church members that stepped up and the kids raised some money and learned a bit about doing without.  I do not know exactly how much they raised so far, but from what I gather they have two kids feed and looked after for one year at least.

I owe some big thank yous when I get out.  The kids and people sent pics and a video that helped me just feel so good about my kids.  Needless to say I went more than 30 hours without eating, so I at least shared the experience.  It is funny how different this has been from the last time I was hospitalized.  It says a great deal that my church family was concerned and showed it.  Enough said about that.

Hope to get out soon.


P.S.  Out of ICU and in a room now.