Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: Faces of Evil Deathstroke #1 (One Shot)

Was not sure I was going to make it tonight with a Flashback Friday.  Been baking cakes and getting ready to raise money for summer camp tomorrow, plus I have felt bad health-wise.  Still, I am making it.  I decided to discuss Slade Wilson this Friday.  He has always been linked in the past with the Teen Titans.  In his regular New 52 appearances i believe he has gotten to that point.  Not sure about all that as I will buy his book and the Teen Titans in trade form as I have cash to do so.  This One Shot combines the Titans and Slade with a ploy DC used to push the Final Crisis before it happened.  Evil was going to win and we needed a refresher course and a new beginning for many of the DC baddies.  Or maybe I have that timeline wrong, because the events of Final Crisis were occurring around the reason for Slade's incarceration.

Anyway, Slade Wilson is in a coma in Belle Reve Prison.  Geo Force had forced a final showdown and actually succeeded in besting Slade at his on manipulation game.  The result was a sword slicing Wilson's heart in half.  His regeneration abilities enabled him to survive and that allows for this story.  He comes back and then has a dying request as he seems suicidal.  They arrange for a visitor to see him as a last request.  He wants to see his daughter Rose Wilson, Ravager.

Pre-New 52 I really liked the Rose Wilson character.  She was much like Marvel's Wolverine, a clouded and disjointed past, trained as an assassin, could be sinner or saint, was actually trying to be a hero of sorts.  Her variety allowed for a great spectrum of stories.  Here she accepts the invitation, but is not surprised when as she tries to kill her Dad she discovers he is faking.  

A great fight and move by move strategy is shown here.  David Hine really understood these characters and the way the book ends in this section was just outstanding.  Rose was not beaten per se, but Slade definitely won.  He is still cut throat, but now he is going to decide who he kills.  A fresh start.  It would have lead to a creepy new beginning, but the reboot happened and we will never know what might have been.  Still, this is a great stand alone read of two awesome characters.


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