Monday, October 14, 2013

Mantra Monday: Mantra #18

This is the all romance edition of Mantra.  Looking at the cover I bet you readers can guess what romance leads to in the end.  We begin with Lukasz and Eden's triumphant return from the Godwheel Mini Series.  They appear in the middle of the lab owned by J. D. Hunt and are surrounded by Aladdin Troopers.  It is a lopsided escape as Eden is still spastic with her magic abilities.  In fact that bugs me a bit.  They kind of make her an airhead.  They escape and are now aware it is New Year's Eve and they get some clothes and a hotel room.  After dancing the night away the two fall into each others arms and fade to black.  Let your imagination guess what they did.

When they wake up they get a shock.  Eden is suddenly very pregnant.  They are frantic and shocked and happy.  Still, they need help.  Luckily Pinnacle (Penny) from last issue survived her death at the hands of Necro Mantra.  She now has her own lab and freedom.  Of course she helps them out and we soon get a strange delivery.  After the little girl is born and named Marinna after Lukasz's long dead wife all seems well.

The problem is that this is a magical pregnancy that went to term in a matter of days.  I am not going to spoil the surprise until the next post.  Let me just say that the old foe is not so dead and gone as we thought.  Big fight coming.