Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve


I found this somewhere a few years ago in a long box.  Since I was born on October 30th, Halloween is a favorite holiday for me.  I grabbed this special format comic and have loved the tale.  It is similar in style to the old Classics Illustrated books that would turn novels into graphic novels.  This one is about a young boy and girl learning about the lore of their Irish home.

There are ghoulish goblins and ghost of monks and uncles.  Each help weave the tale of the Jack O' Lantern.  It becomes the force for good that locks away an ancient evil that was neither fully dead nor fully alive.  Farmer O' Hain was an evil and greedy man.  When his goblins discover that the pumpkin seeds of the forest mice become gold when toasted, he wants that gold.  The mice folk stay hidden for a while.  As always two youngsters think it all nonsense and end up captured and feared lost.  

A rat named Phillo is the hero of the tale as he has explored the Abbey that O' Hain now haunts and controls.  He hears of the feared Jack whispered and knows that this is what the goblins and O' Hain are scared of most of all.  Sadly, Phillo will meet tragedy as he attempts to save a young girl mouse.  His plan though spawns the defeat of evil and a way to lock it away when the veil between world's is at its weakest.

This is a gorgeous and wonderful read.