Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ramblings and the West Coast Avengers

 I apologize for missing Mutant X Mondays for the past coupla weeks.  Been just one of those life things.  I was kinda sick feeling last night and really only felt like doing small stuff after running errands earlier in the day.  I didn't even turn the computer on yesterday.  I am noticing people coming to the Blog and I want to say thank you.  Even though comments are not made, it is nice to see that there are page views on a daily basis.  I will try and keep content fresh.  Just know that sometimes life and health will get in the way.

As I have said, I really want to one day have all these collected posts on series runs.  One that now I can add to try and do is the West Coast Avengers, or as later known, the Avengers West Coast.  I love the Avengers in general.  The thing is that there has always been something about the West Coasters that appealed to me.  It has had most of my favorite Avengers on the team at one point or another.  That is a big plus for them.  They also were kinda like a soap opera.  The Avengers had drama, but the adventures were first and foremost.  West Coast had drama and the Adventures were many times tied to that drama.  I liked that I think.

One problem I have had in recent years is buying duplicate issues.  I realize now that I can stop doing that.  I took the box last night and went through adding the one outstanding issue it seemed I needed and have a bunch of issues for the yard sale box.  I own the complete issue run excluding a few Annuals. I didn't realize that until last night as I was sorting through.  It is cool to add another series to the completed list.

This group of Avengers was always the fun group in my opinion.  They had turmoil, but that didn't stop them from having fun.  There were dates and love affairs combined with rivalries and fights.  Redemption was a central point of this group as well.  Disgraced and fallen heroes were brought back to heroic form in this book.  If you want to collect back issues of Avengers but feel overwhelmed at the number of the Original series I suggest you collect this book.  It has 102 issues and is easily accessible in fifty cent and dollar boxes at both Flea Markets and Comic Shops.  As you read you will see some of the great names in the creators list of credits.  This would be a good book to collect a run of for reading enjoyment.  You can also add the short run title Force Works to the collecting as it is what came after the team disbanded in Issue #102.  I have all of those as well.