Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greg Rucka's LAZARUS ONE and TWO


One of the best times I had at HeroesCon was listening to Greg Rucka discuss WHITEOUT at a panel.  I sensed some seed of hurt from him in terms of how the mainstream work of the business had dealt with him.  What did show clear was his love of words and crafting a story.  I saw this comic listed after the Con in the back of one of my Witchblade issues.  I failed to remember to have it added to my list and thought I might have missed Issue One.  Luckily both Issues One and Two were available at the shop.

This is really the first time I have gotten into the start of one of Rucka's "Girls" as Forever will now be termed.  I love Queen & Country, especially the novels.  From Batwoman to Perfect Dark Mr. Rucka has a knack for writing strong female leads in his stories.  Forever lives up to that in just two issues of the series.  She also appears to be more than just a human.

The opening to Issue One is very graphic and according to Mr. Rucka the basis for the entire series.  He has a great commentary in the back detailing the journey to this point in the life of this comicbook.  It is all about what our country and the world has and is experiencing.  The future here is one where an even smaller 1% has subjugated the rest of the 99%.  Families own portions of the world and each has their own fiefdoms that provides for a few who do the work while the rest of humanity is known as the "Waste."  Some will say that it could never happen.  To those I say pick up a newspaper and just read every day and see how close this future really is right now.

Advantages to not being able to go to the shop every week has me reading Issue Two right after I finish the first issue.  The foul language increases so I warn all parents out there to know that straight on.  The intrigue also increases.  I found it a more compelling issue.  There are hints as to Forever and her standing in the Family Carlye.  All members are shown.  There appears to be a twin incest thing happening.  Think of Dallas and Game of Thrones being put in a blender and you can start to see the way this world is forming.  Our girl Forever has a sword.  I am a sucker for a gal with a sword.

This is good grown up drama in comicbook form.  Makes me want a LAZARUS novel from Mr. Rucka.  He is outstanding as a writer in whatever form he chooses.  This is a great read and two strong issues to start out a book.