Monday, August 5, 2013

Mutant X Mondays: Mutant X #9

Back from his adventure protecting the Nexus of all Realities, Havok finds himself once again running from the jacked up Demon-Sentinels in New York.  This leads to him being swallowed by the pavement and joining the Resistance.  Not really joining, but at least accepting there invitation to hide.  It is nice that Ben Grimm will remain true to character and join up with the Mole Man even in an alternate reality.  The Resistance has been formed by the underground duo of Mole Man and Callisto.  They make an interesting match up.

Seems that the Underground as they call it has been slipping people away from the surface.  All are living in this big pit and slowly being removed to other parts of the world.  All Havok cares about now is getting home to his little boy Scotty and the hot Nanny Electra that is taking care of him.  Why the rush?  The last phone conversation was not a good one.  Something strange happened on the other end of the line.  It sets up the great cliffhanger to come.

Really this is the last issue with the Goblin Queen before it gets a bit repetitive in plot.  We have a great betrayal in this issue.  There is a horrific scarring of one character.  Ben Grimm threatens to kill Havok numerous times if he is a traitor.  Just a good roller coaster ride of an issue.  That last page is so good.  The comment made after the show of power was outstanding.

Soon we will have multiple battles with the rest of the mind controlled Six and The Fallen.  Reed Richards has been ordered to build something and use the Presidency to hasten the job.  Goblin Queen is becoming a bit of a tiresome adversary.  There is a payoff at the end of this ride, but from here on things become static.