Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back from Camp

I dropped the ball on getting a Mutant X Monday posted yesterday.  I had just gotten back from Summer Camp with the Youth at Church and decided to go see Pacific Rim last night.  It was awesome by the way.  A great popcorn action movie for the summer.  Anyway, I just am a bit sick as well.  The change in climates caused my sinuses to revolt and now I have a scratchy throat.  I do hope to get back on schedule with Flashback Fridays at the end of the week.

I did receive a request to join my old review partner at his newly relaunched site.  It would be as a columnist.  I am pondering the idea.  I am sorta happy just being in my little box here on my Blog.  I always wanted to create a place where someone could check out sequential runs of a comic series.  That is why I have had Mantra and Mutant X Mondays.  The idea that small review type comments and a cover could be found for a comic appeals to me.  I wanted my reviewing to be like that when we were doing it.  That was why even when I was behind on being able to buy the books for a fresh and current review I still wrote a post.  I wanted a string of each series I was reviewing.  That is gone now thanks to the machinations of a few people that used my hobby as a weapon of attack.

Still, I plan on having the run of the current books and then a post that has the list of each post.  On the side bar I will place a link to that page and away one can go.  That is the plan at least.  The one thing that would stop my writing a column is my desire to write my stories and get a book written.  That is foremost.  I want to just see if I can do that and accomplish that type of thing in my life.