Monday, July 8, 2013

Mutant X Monday: Mutant X #8

Mutant X Mondays are back.  I am sticking with Mutant X over Mantra right now because I am missing only one issue and two annuals in completing the entire run.  I want to do this entire run look at books on here and really have the goal I always wanted when reviewing, being a place someone could look up and find out about comicbook series.

I feel a refresher might be in order to remind readers about this book.  Havok, of the main 616 Marvel Universe has fallen from seeming death into an alternate reality where he has replaced the Havok of that world.  This is a book that would be the love child of DC's Elseworlds and Marvel's What If?  that can explain how it reads.  People and things are different from what we know as continuity of the Marvel Universe.  One thing is that Havok was apparently a real jerk.  He leads the world's foremost team of heroes, The Six.  They are The Fallen (Warren Worthington or Angel), The Brute (Beast, kinda), Iceman, Bloodstorm (Storm as a Vampire), Havok's wife Madelyne Pryor rounded out by our misplaced mutant.  He has a child named Scotty and that catches things up.

When last we discussed the book Madelyne had become the Goblin Queen and begun taking over things.  She had usurped the Six and Havok grabbed Scotty and his nanny Electra and high-tailed it away from them.  They go to the X-Mansion and we meet Cerebro.  In this world Cerebro is an artificial A.I. and helps Havok find out how far the Goblin Queen has gone.  She has the White House for one thing.  She also has perverted the Sentinels and they are a mix of magic and science now.  oh, she has taken over New York as well.

Havok of course confronts her after sneaking and being discovered in New York.  He fights the Six and the Goblin Queen is his to kill.  Can he?  Well, he ends this issue like he started the series, remembering that he is falling.  It becomes a standard plot device to end the story or create tension in the series.

One big stand out here is the art of Cary Nord.  He had a great run on Mutant X.  You might know his current work on X-O Manowar.