Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perfect Dark Second Front

I found this book at the Used Bookstore the other day when I was taking stuff in for store credit.  I was aware of their being a follow up book after the first called Perfect Dark Initial Vector.  I really liked that book and found a graphic novel, Perfect Dark Janus Tears, which I have written about on the Blog.  So to find the continuation of Joanna Dark's adventures was a great surprise the other day.  I read it in about a day and a half.  I guess you could say I devoured the book.

That is a luxury you have when you are poor and part time in your job.  You have little money or time for many avenues of entertainment and long periods where you can just read.  The adventures in a world of hypercorporations is scary when you stop and think how close we are in the world to this type of reality.  Sci Fi has always been close to the truth of reality.  Into this world of computer and monetary connectedness stride Joanna Dark.  She was trained by her father to be the best weapon ever.  Now she is caught in between corporate heads and the children of the man she killed after the death of her father.  Vengeance and manipulation is an undercurrent that constantly moves this book.

The reader is always wondering if the allies Joanna has are really people she can trust as she moves ever forward.  Still, she walks her own line as other think they are guiding her actions.  There is gunfire and battles like nothing one would ever really think possible when you are dealing with corporate dealings.  The battle at the end is insane in more ways than one.  I wish there was a third book.  The book has unanswered questions about Joanna and her dad, her connection to the world she is loose in.  There is more than is being seen about her that would be nice to have a resolution to as a reader.

These books are great and entertaining reads.  One should seek them out.  Greg Rucka is one great novelist, maybe even better novelist than comicbook writer.