Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Phantom 2040 #1

I have always loved Lee Falk's character The Phantom.  In the late 1990's their was a great animated series that I think aired with the UPN.  It was syndicated, but if I remember right, UPN carried it.  Sometime in the past couple of years I found the four issue Marvel series.  Today I give you the first and introductory issue of Phantom 2040.  It stars a new Kit Walker as the son inheriting the mantle of The Phantom.

This is a world of technology and advanced robotics.  We still have a Phantom that climbs and swings, he just has the gadgets that assist.  He can turn invisible and that aids in the idea that we have a "Ghost Who Walks."  He will battle an insane woman that was married to the man who killed his father.  She has a roboticlly trapped man named Graft who handles her tech and a crazy son as well.

Her main goal is to take over Metropia with her Biots, robot army.  The limited series is a bit of a four issue one-shot story thing.  It really doesn't repeat the TV Show, but it has all the characters.  I had to buy them when this thrift store was closing.  I was able to get all four of a very cool character.  I know this only interest a few people.  I just miss great stories like this and the characters that inhabit these books.