Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Fridays: The Mighty Skullboy Army

During the insane Holiday Sale at Things From Another World I snagged this little and funny book.  I knew of the character from Chris Giarrusso's G-Man series.  This all ages character is really odd and really well done.  The entire book revolves around the tile character as he tries to juggle running a multinational corporation that works daily to take over the world and going to school.  In this world it is not odd that there is a boy with a skull head and wearing a suit.  He just is.  From the start we see the commanding presence that is Skullboy.

Helping Skullboy is his most closest minions, Unit 1 and Unit 2.  Unit 1 is a very confident robot that just knows he is superior to Unit 2.  He has an arsenal of missiles and things that he uses to aid Skullboy.  Unit 2 is the result of an experiment at Skullboy's corporation, a super intelligent monkey.  Both are the perfect bumbling duo of a character like Skullboy.  Sometimes Unit 2 does what Unit 1 says, but mostly he ignores him.  They seem to live in Skullboy's locker during school hours.

Watching Skullboy use an intern for his education was great.  It was a nice little twist that is as funny to adults as it would be to kids.  Sadly, he is not as durable as Unit 1 or Unit 2.  My favorite story was when Skullboy decides to grow a Unit 3.  It is a sentient Turnip.  The little tuber wrecks havoc all over.  It is really funny.  I think I will see if I can get Unit 3 and Skullboy in a sketch at Heroes Convention this year.

This is a great book for that child in your life that needs help reading and you need something cool to give them.  I think this would be a great buy for anyone out there that loves comics.