Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What might really sink the DCnU?

I read the DCU Blog.  I avoid the comic newsites and do not really read the gossipy Blogs out there, I just don't have the time or energy.  My reading of DC's Blog has started me thinking about what might cause the new DC Comics to sink.  Many believe it will be continuity or the changing of characters in a way that deviates from the core way we have always seen them.  Favorites have been disappeared or altered in drastic ways.  That could hurt.

Those things and the things like that will annoy a fanboy or fangirl, but those are the hardcore consumers who will buy regardless.  What has crossed my mind is a trend that is being released everyday by DC.  Around issues # 7 and forward there will be changing of writers and other creative teams.  This can be a killer to anyone that might have been drawn in to try the DCnU.  Change in writers are a fact of life, but recently we see less and less of long runs that can build a loyal consumer and more of a musical chairs type writer picking.

Voodoo would be a great example to use.  I just saw that Ron Marz will be leaving sometime next year.  I picked this book up mainly on his writing of it.  It was not the stripper character or the sexy covers.  I have followed Marz as he wrote an amazing transformative run on Witchblade.  His Samurai Heaven and Earth series was outstanding.  Voodoo was no less great as it has begun.  Yet, soon an unknown quantity will take over.  He may be awesome, I hope so, but it means I will have to decide quickly whether I can afford the book.

That is what it might come down to, money.  I cannot sustain a tryout on a book I just tried out.  Having a writer stay on a book for at least one year is not too much to expect.  Family issues are understandable, but just not producing or an editorial decision because all of a sudden a large crossover needs someone new is not acceptable.  One book at $2.99 is just a part of a bunch of comics at this three dollar price compounds.  Soon you have $27 a week and take home 9 books from one company.  The wall will get hit and when it comes to constant change in writers there comes an easy way to walk away from the product.  It is not a reason to continue buying a book, it is a compelling time to cut that title and save some bucks.

I see this as the possible way the DCnU falls flat.  It would be sad if that happens as there has been people enjoying and excited about the characters of the DCnU.