Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonder Woman #603

                Wonder Woman goes to Hell.  Well, it basically is what happens.  Last issue Diana helped save a group of the lost and scattered Amazonians escape the paramilitary group that is intent on their slaughter.  They are now wandering in the desert.  As usual with a Straczynski story we get a good dose of supernatural drama.  Beings called Keres attack her.  I must admit I am unfamiliar with these creatures.  They kind of look like harpies maybe.  Anyway Diana ends up meeting Charon, the ferryman in Tartarus, the Underworld.  She also has a neat encounter with the three headed hound Cerebus.  It is yet another trial that this version of Wonder woman is being put through.

                I must admit that I like the story, but miss the Diana I was reading.  I just do not understand how the company can tout Wonder Woman as part of a Trinity and then just eliminate her from the existence of the DCU for a year.  That is what this is right now.  She is almost in a pocket universe living an Elseworld story.  No matter how good this story is right now and for the next year not a single soul can believe that at the end the status quo will be returned to the character and once again we will be treated to a “brand new start” for Diana.  I wish that the company would put a topnotch team on this book under contract for two years.  Someone like Dini or Bedard with Nicola Scott on art.  Take the two years to elevate Diana to the level of Trinity by writing flat out super heroic action while laying down a compelling supporting cast.  Just focus on the character and build her up like they have never done before.  This would be something I would love to see.

                For now I have to just enjoy the ride I am on and let the mystery story unfold.  The end of this tale has the person that is responsible for the destruction of time being front and center.  He steps from the flames and is face to face with Diana.  He also has her lasso.  It is next issue that should give us some glimpse of what is going on.  As Diana is on a Warrior’s Journey, I figure she will get the snot stomped out of her next issue.  The Lasso will become hers, but at some price yet unknown.  So I am on this title to the end I guess.