Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Fridays: Web of Spider-Man #7 v.1

One great thing about having many comics in boxes is that when the trip to the comic shop is not an option, you can still post.  Here is a book I grabbed as I went to the Reading room this week.  I had not gotten it into the box yet.  I have no idea where I picked this one up.  It is a great Hulk cover, no?

If you judged the book by its cover, then you would expect to have a Hulk amok in New York tale.  Not so much.  It is a bizarre set of images where things are off kilter.  Spidey even changes costumes as the panels proceed.  When you see the pale pointy eared guy on the street, well at last it makes sense.  Nightmare is there in the dream.  So Spidey is really in the Nightmare Realm.

Seems Doc Strange trapped an essence of the Hulk in the Realm and it has been hounding Nightmare.  So he somehow senses Spider-Man had fought the Hulk and brings him into the dimension.  Just go with it.  It is a surreal story and it is something that is best seen as a fun romp.  I am just glad the opening scenes have Pete in his costume bottoms and not naked as it seems while walking through a Daily Bugle staffed by Spidey foes.  Peter David is the man responsible.  It is a neat little side trip for a cool old Spider-Man series.