Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secret Six #26

                Why does Gail Simone rock?  Well, to me the answer would be she is one of the most talented writers in comicdom.  I mean really.  She took over Birds of Prey and brought it even higher than Chuck Dixon had in the start of the book.  When that brought that title back, they had the good sense to put her right back on it where she belongs.  Some people are just meant to right certain books forever and Birds of Prey is hers.  Except for one other title and that would be Secret Six.  Simone started with Villains United and created a lasting team.  Secret Six has a core group it seems of Scandal, Catman, Deadshot, and Ragdoll.  They have been there since the start.  Now there really are two groups of the Secret Six.  One is lead by Bane and is being directed by Spysmasher.  The original is being instructed by Mockingbird (Amanda Waller).  They are now in another world where I believe the character of Warlord is known to inhabit.  So I am just rolling along.  I have come to enjoy these bad people doing there jobs for money, and struggling when an ethical problem presents itself.  This is a book where the bad guys rule, yet the outcomes are not always adverse to the rules of justice.

                This book also makes me laugh.  It has absurd statements that come out of left field.  The character of Ragdoll might say anything at any given moment.  Right now Catman has gone bonkers and that is enjoyable to watch.  He was the only moral person of the group.  Now he is little more than a killer in many ways.  The events that lead to his son being believed dead and his letting Cheshire believe it has cracked him severely.

                This is not a feel good comic.  It is a take on people who don’t want to be super villains, but their skill sets are not exactly for any other jobs.  So they are mercenaries.  Simone has added her Black Alice character to the mix.  I hope sometime we get some resolution to the Black Alice/Misfit family relationship.  Since she is writing Birds of Prey again I hope Misfit returns and some story can be given to these two characters.