Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #2

                Everyone is calling this a Guy Gardner book.  For the most part they would be correct.  Guy does seem to be the anchor.  Yet the title is Emerald Warriors.   In fact there are two others Green Lanterns that take the stage this issue.  Still this is the story of the secret mission that Guy is undertaking as part of the pact with the Red Lantern Atrocious and Green Lantern Ganthet.  What is most wonderful is that we get a glimpse of the human side of Guy.  He knows that this mission will come between him and the other three Earth Lanterns and he fears what that means for his friendship with each one.  That is really cool.  The other major part is that we are seeing how the Red Lantern infection has been affecting him.

                Arisa joins the book and we see what the loss of Sodam Yat has had on her.  She was just beginning to acknowledge feelings for the new Ion bearer when he sacrificed his life to save his ungrateful planet.  She is not handling things well.  This is becoming the emotionally unbalanced book with Guy and Arisa dealing with heavy duty feelings.  Why not throw Kilowog into the mix?  He has been rocked by the deaths of so many rookie Lanterns.  Kilowog has been the training officer for the Corps for a long time.  All the loss has brought him to the decision to leave that post and strike out with Guy to the unknown sectors.  He is dealing with some hard thoughts.

                There is a looming threat out in the unknown sector.  Mind controlled Green Lanterns that have delivered some of the Children of the White Lobe to this odd guy.  What he does to them is just plain horrible.  He has a tagline worthy of the TV Show Heroes.  “Control the Corps, Control the Universe.”  It is yet another of these past deals the Guardians made coming back to bite the Green lantern Corps in the behind.  So the stage is set for a hard battle in the unknown sector.  The Red Lantern gal with the bone wings makes her presence known.  She has been sent by Atrocious to monitor the mission and his interest in it.  Her story is tragic.  It was shown in the Tales of the Corps series that ran as Blackest Night approached.  Her rage is justified as well as any of the lanterns we know of in that group.

                This is a great book that gives us three of the best Green Lanterns a spotlight.  They are deserving of this special attention and I believe the book will show it is justified as a third offering of the GLC each month.  It is one of the few books I will buy that is over $3.00.  It must maintain its current excellence to be continually bought.  I wonder if the recent price reductions DC announced reach this title?  That would be really cool.