Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond #1

I am someone who loves the animated series that still appear on TV.  One that was really great was BATMAN BEYOND.  It was the tale of a Bruce Wayne that had given up being the Dark Knight because of a bad heart and his having to grab a gun during a hostage situation.  This is a Gotham that was without a protector and that had entered the future full force without its moral guide Bruce Wayne.  That status quo becomes shattered when a young man named Terry McGuiness enters the world of Batman and avenges his own tragedy.  A new Dark Knight is born and Gotham has a protector once more.

There was a short lived comic by this name that ran as the cartoon ended on the former Kids WB.  It was nice and very kid friendly.  Here we get a more mainstream and balanced book that is stylish for adult fans and accessible to older kids.  This is a Six issue limited series that has some connection to the Superman/Batman Annual which I do not have because it was damaged in the store's bin.  I will probably find it one day, but for now I just have the current issue.

The story has a mix of Terry's villain base with a storm brewing using Bruce's villain base.  The funny thing is a cameo by Amanda Waller, and the usual Batman banter that Terry became famous for.  This really is a nice continuation of the story.  We have a rich background with the Future Gotham City and an easy setting of the world with a Justice League connection made.  It is a good start by Adam Beechen.  I also really liked the way Ryan Benjamin drew the world of Batman in the future.  He has a nice blend of the animated feel and the modern DCU style.  

I liked the start and hope the series carries through just as good.