Friday, July 30, 2010


Greetings & Salad Dressings,

Were you at the Wilkes Library Con?  Did you see a guy displaying different comic art prints and stuff?  That is where the BlogMark you picked up came from.  To the right is the excellent sketch by Renae DeLiz I scanned and used on the BlogMark.  She is one of my favorite artist.  I like how she draws some of my favorite characters and cherish the Joan of Arc Commission I had her do at HeroesCon one year.

So What is this Blog about?  Basically I used to really be a comicbook reviewer.  It became a way to stay busy after Graduating from Divinity School and then the death of my Mother.  I was able to use my hobby as therapy and then it just became fun and a bit of a duty.  I have always wanted to create a place parents and other adults could seek advice on books that would be helpful, while also promoting the reading format.  I had become so noticed I was on complimentary list that aided my own collecting, as reviewing was something I did for no pay.

Alas, because of silly politics at a place of employment I gave up my hobby to ensure I could work with kids.  Rumors and lies hurt, remember that people.  I gave it up and walked away from the high profile (laugh here) world of on-line reviewing.  Now I am at a place where my hobby is not seen as something to use as control, but a part of what makes me different and celebrated.  So I decided to do this again and try and place safeguards to keep the mean people from being as mean.

I will place reviews and discussions on the comics I buy.  I will tell you when a book is for those who have have time to develop a mind to handle complex issuesI will try and showcase Kids books that are for those starting to learn how to read.  There will be looks at the comicbooks I have collected over the years.  As time goes by there may even be guest that will write some of their favorites on here.

Being a lover of sci-fi and fantasy I will discuss things that are in that realm.  I also will tell you what I think about movies I see.  This is just a place I want to share my thoughts on things that I love.  I hope you will join up for the journey.  At the very least Thank You for stopping by.