Friday, July 16, 2010

Power Girl

I want to apologize for taking a bit of extra time after a very rewarding, yet tiring week at camp.  I had hoped to put a few thoughts on via email, but a lack of accessible wi-fi kept me away.  I now will work on catching up while money rebuilds in the bank account so I can buy new comics.

During the past year there were two comics that I have enjoyed and also saved for the honorable last read of my books.  I read the books I enjoy most last, which may be odd, but it is what I do.  What two books have those been?  Well, the image to the left should give a clue to one, Power Girl.  The other is Batgirl.  The problem is that like so many of my favorites at DC I get a drastic change when a creative team comes.

What I loved about the Gray, Palmotti, and Conner Power Girl was a sense of fun.  Along with the action and the adventure, I laughed.  That is a rare gift anymore.  I also digged the softer and cartoony look to the book.  It was just this well oiled machine that delivered on so many levels.  Funny and stylish with subtle humor and jokes could be a tag line for the title.  It really worked and I was able to follow a character I have always liked and yet never really been drawn to in other books.

So, now comes a nice fellow with talent, but whom I always seem to leave a title when he comes on it, Judd Winick.  I do see improvement with his writing as I have read the tie-ins to various DC events.  Yet, when he came to Green Lantern years ago I left the book.  Now he has been given the title of Power Girl and to his credit, a saddled tie in to this Max Lord story that will carry through the DCU for a while.  I worry that my light-hearted adventure book will become a constant tale of bad things happening with more bad things happening and just to throw it in more bad things happening.  Winick writes reality, but for me the unreality of Power Girl is what I loved.  I mean the whole book had strange characters that worked and Karen just took it all in stride.

I am going to give the book a chance.  The art is different, yet works well.  I would encourage you to buy the trade of the first 12 issues.  It is a great example of comicbook wonderfulness.  

Happy Reading!