Monday, April 21, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #1

            Years ago the character of Aquaman was the punchline of so many jokes and even a TV Show that made fun of him.  The trouble with that has always been that when written correctly Aquaman is one of the toughest dudes DC Comics has and also has a great supporting cast.  How things have changed.  The New 52 has brought the King of Atlantis into a more popular status.  Now we have two Aquaman titles being produced.  Aquaman and the Others has the group introduced in the Aquaman comicbook.  Each person holds an ancient Atlantan artifact that gives them awesome power.  Some already had abilities and these items just enhance them and connect them to Aquaman.

            This team is going to be different.  They are multinational and each have strong personalities.  There should be plenty of tension and traits that can propel this comicbook.  Right now we have each member being targeted by high tech mercenaries.  They want the artifacts and they don't care about the health of the Others.  So we get very cool attack sequences.  Oh, the artifacts are losing power as well.

            I can't really write a bunch as it might give the comicbook away.  I can say that if you love the Aquqman book, then you should love this titles as well.