Monday, April 21, 2014

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #18

            I have not been a fan of this title for the past few months.  Not only did the name change with the addition of “Trinity of Sin” screw up my pull box list as a new computer system was added to the checkout, but it really stunk.  Now it was not a case of bad writing or sucky art.  No, this was all about how the Forever Evil mega-crossover took control of The Phantom Stranger.  Thankfully all that is hopefully behind us.  I am so happy that it appears we will once again be following the story of Judas as he spends eternity making up for betraying Jesus.  It was that story that made me become interested in this new Stranger.

            This is a ghost story that involves the biggest of the bigs in the DCU.  Superman is being haunted and it is not having a good effect on the dimensional barriers.  The spirit of Dr. Light has decided that Superman should pay for his death and all the people he has never saved from anything that has ever occurred.  It is nice to see the Stranger and his power set interacting with Superman.  One awesome visual is of Supes smashing through the giant embodiment of the Stranger and it breaking into so many shards.

            Bringing the baddie they did into this ghost story is what has given me hope for this book to get back on track.  It was dangerously close to being dropped from my hold box.  That would have been sad for me.  I have really become taken with the character of The Phantom Stranger.  So for now I will keep reading.