Friday, April 4, 2014

Flashback Friday: Tomb Raider #18

My secret is revealed with this post.  No, I do not scan every book I write about.  It is tedious and only something I do when I can find no suitable image online.  Besides, the scanner usually has stuff on top that has to be moved.  So I do not own I copy that has Adam Hughes signature on it like the image here.  Instead I just got this issue this week in a bagged group of four comics sold as a random assortment.

It was in issue I did not have in my collection as I started late in reading the series.  This tale is a great stand alone issue.  I really have had a take it or leave it with Dan Jurgens writing for this old Top Cow series.  He was the writer that started out from the beginning and never hooked me so I had the first issue and then fell away for a time.  I must say that this issue was one of the better reads I have with him as Lara's scribe.

This is a basic "day in the life of" story.  I photo-journalist that has written negatively in the past about "tomb raiders" is tagging along on one of Lara's adventures.  Along the way he keeps trying to get her to use his first name, which she never does.  It foreshadows that Lara has a suspicion that the guy is not honorable, so she never is informal with him.  He turns into a scuzz-ball later and then transforms again literally.  The action is quick and well suited to Ms. Croft.

The death traps are elaborate and there is a mystical side to the tale.  In the end this is a find that will help me complete the series, but is not an outstanding piece of work.  It does what a Tomb Raider book should do and entertain.  There is nothing more to say unless I give all the plot away.