Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday: Tales of the Witchblade #6

I really have struggled with my collecting of Top Cow books.  It was reviews of Top Cow that opened me up to attacks when someone wanted my job.  The thing is that to be honest and do what I wish to do in letting this Blog be a place for information as well as loving comics I must discuss so things that are not kids books.

Tales of the Witchblade is not for younger readers.

I offer this book as my first Top Cow offering.  During Free Comic Book Day Randy Green as at the Ssalefish store event.  I bought this book, one I did not have, and have a now autographed issue.  Randy Green is an awesome artist and very approachable.  It was great to see him last Saturday.

As for the story, Tales delves into the history of the former Bearers of the Witchblade.  This one is from the Roman Era of the world.  She has a very tradgeic story that ends with a great deal of bloodshed.  She even scores some retribution for her parents in the end against weak-spined villagers.  It really has a great twist and resolution as a story.

Now it is not for the faint of heart.  Strong themes of sexual abuse and bloodied battles.  People die.  They die in brutal ways.  Witchblade is a book and character best taken in terms of the creative talent.  Read any of the Ron Marz run.  Those are the most recent and are the best.  The Tales are hit and miss in terms of greatness.  Some are really good, others are just so-so.

Hey, a Flashback Friday return.  I hope to make it again next week.  Still wondering about the Monday edition of the Blog.  Have a great weekend.