Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From The Box

Here is what I got from Ssalefish Comics this week.

Wonder Woman #601 - Promising start for a story set up to be reversible.

Zatanna #3 - Awesome start to a series.  This wraps up first story arc.

Power Girl #14 - Gets a little longer on the pull list.

Brightest Day The Atom Special #1 - Pretty good one-shot that has a heck of an ending.

Echo #23 - One of my expensive books, but still worth it.

Secret Six #23 - So this happened before events that have occurred?  Enjoyable tale.

Batman Beyond #2 - Outstanding!

Birds of Prey #3 - Black Canary has never been better.  Twisted twist shown here.  Gail Simone has returned to her wonderful standard of excellence.

Green Lantern Corps #50 - And still just $ a good read.

Green Lantern #56 - Where was the continuation of Dex-starr?  Still Larfleeze is here and he believes in Santa.

Batgirl #12 - Stephanie is just great.  My favorite read right now.