Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Ramblings

No Flashback Friday this week.  I have been suffering a very bad cough and just felt lousy.  I will ramble a bit tonight.  I have put up a scan of a print I bought at HeroesCon for your enjoyment.  I love the way it has the B & W vs the color version displayed.  Not sure how long Netflix will take to get the new Doc up on the watch list, but for now I am happy to be able to watch again.

Anyway.  I am feeling a bit mixed about my comics right now.  I still love them and have this collector's need to collect, but I also have an ever dwindling inflow of cash.  Being in the hospital increased my debt.  I now have three different bills that I am juggling.  because one is over 3,000 I can't realistically combine them.  What was really screwy was because I am living with my Dad they were all interested in his draw from Social Security instead of my take home pay.  Not really liking the "new" corporate local hospital.  Other things seem to be increasing, except the money I make.  So I feel a need to cut the titles I am reading.  A few seem simple.  I mean X-O Manowar is expensive and having crossover stuff, so it will be cut.  DC may make it easy to cut if they are increasing certain titles by $1.  One might be something I really like, but I am not liking this increase.

I am peeved by my inability to force myself to write.  I was going to begin just getting ideas out of my head.  The very least thing was to utilize the Blog and have post written even if they were to be scheduled and posted later.  The lack of a Monday post has shown that that goal is not being met.  So I am twisting right now.  I did scratch enough to go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel did I good job with the characters.  It really was a top-notch movie.

Well, I feel like trying to get some rest in a bit.  Take care geekazoids and nerdlings.