Thursday, May 9, 2013

I love that picture of Black Canary.  She also is asking me what I plan to do next, I get it, my Blogging has been scattered.  I am really trying to get my head above water with the drama my Youth have provided and the regular summer issues and stresses of my work.  Still, I need to balance that with my Blogging.  It has been the only constant in my writing.  I have so many story ideas, but it all comes back to Blogging where I can practice.

Free Comic Book Day will be the supplier of Flashback Fridays for a bit.  I scored so cool (to me) books for Fifty cents.  Some were newer DC titles.  My goal is to upload and place in the date and time option of Blogger a bunch that will automatically upload every Friday.  I am not sure if it will also place the post in the Google Plus stream or not.  It would be cool if it did.

Update about Iron Man 3.  i went Thursday before the Friday opening and saw the film.  It was really good.  I would not recommend it to people that had not seen the first two flicks.  It contained a bunch of inside jokes.  I enjoyed it a great deal.  What was the coolest was the trailer for Thor.  That is a movie I want to see even more now.  The Wolverine trailer had the opposite effect.  I really didn't care after seeing it.

I bought a copy of X-Men First Class.  Everybody said it was so good and that it was better than Thor.  I do not know what movie they were watching.  I found the beginning to be very disjointed and convoluted.  When an actual story began it was a mish-mash of X-Men stories with new stuff thrown in that really was lackluster.  I was not impressed.  Sure January Jones looked awesome as Emma Frost, but that gorgeous woman in her underwear and the cute Jennifer Lawrence could not save this movie for me.