Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday: Red Sonja She-Devil with a Sword #6

It is another Flashback Friday brought to you by the Fifty Cent buys I made on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).  I decided to pick up Red Sonja last year because it is another book from Marvel that I see frequently at flea markets and in back issues boxes.  This issue was very cover intense.  There is a great deal going on.  It draws one's eye to it immediately.  Of course it was a quick grab for me.  

This book puts the word fantasy to shame.  It is a strange mix of wild backgrounds and weird creatures as this wild story unfolds.  There is a tower and a missing Prince.  Sonja ends up being captured and then escaping her captors in a strange way.  She stumbles across this giantess lashed to the wall and tries to free her.  Little insect creatures attack and soon we learn what fate these insects have for Red Sonja.

A big ogre type dude announces that she is to be the new queen, this is who the giantess is, special food is forced upon Sonja and it becomes an even crazier story from here own out.  Cannot say much more or I will tell the entire story.

Issue #6 was a good buy as it is the end of a saga that had been happening.  You can read this book and have closure.  The other Red Sonja I bought was the start of a story and now one I hope to find out what happens in its following issues.  Pure fantasy and swordplay describes this great old school Marvel book.