Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I know, I was probably the only geekily inclined person that had not read THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.  I did know about the well done movie in Sweden, the setting for this tale.  The movie hits here one week from tomorrow.  I thought about the book and on Monday, I bought a copy at SAM's and finished it this morning about ten 'til 2.  It was a good read.

There is a warning.  This is a graphic depiction of how women are sexually abused and treated.  It does not shy from the dark corners it peers into and that gives it an intellectual aspect that allows for the language and themes.  It is not a book for children.  This is a book that does not flaunt its academic levels, but is straight-forward smart book that will not suffer those looking for an easy read.  The only negative is the massive amount of family members one must keep up with in the mystery that is being studied.  There is so many that at times you might get dizzy.

Crimes of the secondary villain will strike a chord with those fed up with greedy corporations that have destroyed economies the world over.  One might even wonder if the author who has passed away might have a similar ability as his title character.  It is eerie how the crimes in the financial world now are the ones we read about.  I hope that it comes over as strong in the film.

A strange thing was in this mornings paper, an advanced review for the movie.  A positive review in a small Southern paper that never gets the movies like this one.  I know many people fretted over the fact that the Swedish woman that had played Lisabeth Salander in the original film was not in the Hollywood one.  Apparently Rooney Mara, the American actress that has taken the role did a good job handling the role.  In fact, the entire cast, crew, and creative team was praised.  I am really looking forward to next Friday.  I hope to see the movie and have the book so fresh in my mind.

So, I proved my excellent reading skill and speed.  The fact that this book is so good helped greatly.  If you were like me and have not read the book, do so.  It will make the movie better I believe.

*** Last night Charlie Rose had the Director David Filcher and many in the cast around his table.  It was interesting and Rooney Mara is so cute.  Anyway, not sure if it was a dry joke or real, but they mentioned that they changed the ending.  This bothered me.  I thought the book ended in a perfect way to lead into another story.  So, this is troubling.  Otherwise the cast was so cool discussing things.  I did not know my high school soap opera crush Robin Wright was in the movie.  Still will see it, but with an eye to how it ends.