Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Updates for stuff I wanted done by now

My goal was to have the first chapter of BOOGITY BOOGITY CHEESE posted.  I have it partially done.  It is a fact of health issues bumming me out and the job being priority one that has dealt me this setback.  It will come sometime, just not sure when.

The poll ended and we have a tie.  I am trying to decide whether to go with She-Hulk or Spider-Woman.  I have more Spider-Woman issues, but start with Issue #5.  She-Hulk starts with Issue #2 in my collection.  I have two possibilities for purchases of these old series in the coming weeks, so I will not make a decision until then.  Both have similar issues that I have noticed about female heroes from this era.  I am sad Dazzler didn't rate at least a vote.  That series contrasts the other two very well.
I added this alternate cover image because it is so coll and to remind myself, "ALL WILL BE WELL."