Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rachel Rising #1 -- Mature Reader Warning


The great sci-fi read of ECHO by Terry Moore ended and I was going to let it just fade away as a nice series that I enjoyed, but seeing the end of an over $3 comic eased my woes.  Then I get my pull box contents handed to me last week and the thing I had forgotten about was in the stack.  RACHEL RISING was staring at me.  It is $3.99.  It is another investment I had to decide upon.  

I decided to take another chance.  Besides, it is good to read some grown up comic books every now and then.  I do not place this as a MATURE READER comic more for the potential for heavy duty language and themes that are for a more fully developed mind.  It is different from when I would give this type of warning to an issue of The Darkness, which might have fetish, violence, gore, and just way too much of the things young minds are not ready for.  ECHO had a fair amount of gore, but it was a purposeful part of the story.  The "bad words" were plentiful, but again, in terms of fitting the story and not just being used.

What is this about?  From what I can tell RACHEL RISING is about a young woman that climbs out of a shallow grave and returns to her life.  Is she alive?  Is she a zombie?  Why are her eyes different?  The story is given by flashback after we get the creepy crawling from the grave thing.  The characters seem neat.  There is a creepy perv who works with Rachel's cool mechanic female friend who is also in a band.  Jet promises to be an interesting character.  The memory Rachel seems to have of a creepy guy prepared to strangle her is telegraphing something for the reader to pick up on.  Like ECHO, we get a small dose and wonderful art.  So, I am here to see where the story goes.

Terry Moore is one of those creators who have earned to right to ask $3.99 for his single issues.  He has proven he will deliver the goods and you are really not gambling with what you are buying.  There will also be no switch in writer or artist mid-stream.  He is the writer and the artist and guides his creation.  If you want a nice suspense story to sink your teeth into, then now is the time to pick up RACHEL RISING #1.