Monday, February 7, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Should be Issue #3

Well, it would be but I do not have that issue.  So instead I will talk about our hero Lucasz a bit.  He is a whiner.  It is that simple.  After being this magic warrior over countless centuries he can only whine when he takes over the body of Eden Blake.  Really Lucasz is just a bit of a scuzzy guy I think.  He takes over different bodies when he dies in battle.  Each person is shifted into nothingness I guess and he then destroys that life and hurts the friends and family as the battle takes him onward.  Not a great track record.  In a way becoming a woman is karma.  He deserves the feelings he now experiences. 

I think it is a great concept that is just being scratched at on the surface in Mantra.  I think that somehow this book would be interesting if remade today and written by someone like Gail Simone.  You know, a woman and a great writer.  I know some amateur fanfic writers that could really do some great spins on this book as well. 

Issue #4 will be up next week.  I have it and the next few.  I will be glad when the next break comes.  There are some things I want to say, but really need to get there before discussing.