Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batgirl #15

            A new art team lead by Dustin Nguyen brings us the continuing drama of Stephanie Brown.  This issue opens with an excellent look at the history of the Bat-Family as told by Stephanie.  It is a priceless bit of art and story.  They should make a poster out of these pages.  That would be so cool.

            The Return of Bruce Wayne one shots saw Stephanie stand up to the man and claim her mantle.  He seemed pleased.  The smug creators that poo poo on the Stephanie Fanbase probably did not get the joke there.  Now we are at issue #15 of the new Batgirl.  It is the title I most want to read each month.  I have stated time and again how much this book rocks.

            Here is the chance to jump on board.  This issue is perfect to begin reading if you have not been doing so.  The humor and action is well balanced as Stephanie makes her rounds at college and ends up battling a bunch of robed figures.  She has a new bit of help in the form of the “Grey Ghost.”  Eventually the kid she was trying to save is found dead by the detective she has befriended and Barbara has been flirting with and dating.  Guess who their prime murder suspect becomes? 

Nice cliffhanger on this one folks.