Friday, July 7, 2017

HeroesCon 2017: Grimm Fairy Tales

 Do you ever buy stuff on a whim at Conventions?  C'mon, we do.  Sometimes they can turn out to be interesting and very good surprises.  Take my purchase of this little card from Zenescope.  I have often looked at the covers for their books, skimmed inside, but because of money and who knows what else I pass over them.  Sometimes I think I will pick up a trade or back issues one day.  Then an opportunity presented itself.

I have not joined the digital reading world until just as the Convention began.  I lost my Netbook to battery death or fan death or both.  This forced me to make a decision before the Con if I wanted to stay connected online and store my photos as I have no smartphone.  I ended up buying a Chromebook.  It has been awesome.  I even had gotten a free Zenescope comic to try on it, Robyn Hood, thinking of reading it while in Charlotte.  

While leaving the Aftershock Comics booth I was looking at the Zenescope booth.  I knew that the budget would not allow me to buy any collected editions from them, but it did not hurt to look.  While talking with the guy there he showed me the card you see above.  It collected the stories that began the series of tales and was on a USB drive.  I bought it.  It has been great.  Works really well on the Chromebook, especially in Tablet mode.

So if you see them this summer ask about this thing.  It is cool and a great way to be introduced to their world of comics.