Friday, July 7, 2017

Mera takes on the League in JUSTICE LEAGUE #24

 I love being on Twitter because it helps me know about characters appearances.  I probably would have missed Mera's showing up in the pages of Justice League.  I have Aquaman on my pull list at the LCS, Ssalefish Comics.  I know how Mera became so tormented.  I also get that this happens because of the events in Atlantis.

So, it was a no-brainer that I would need to get this issue.  It was AMAZING!  If you thought Batman could take the League down, then you should see what Mera can do even on the verge of exhaustion.  It is a beautiful ballet of systematic take downs.  Oh how wonderful.

This is just pure happiness as I watch one of my favorite characters and she is written so well.  This is more than Aquaman's Mermaid here.  What has been running since the New 52 in the Aquaman title is carried into the DCU.  That is nice to see happen.

It could have been a vastly different portrayal.  Mera could have been written as a crazy woman lashing out because her man is gone.  Instead she is lashing out to make sure what Arthur had fought for in keeping peace between the surface world and Atlantis was held tight.  Yes she is hurting, but she puts duty and honor above and because of that the League may have gained a new member that is better than the rest.

Wonder Woman also has a great moment here.  Batman gets surprised.  Everyone else gets schooled.  Worth the price of admission.