Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013

The first day of 2013 is slowly ticking away.  I just watched what I hope was a vote by the House of Representatives to not plunge America into a downturn.  Still, the compromise hits this poor Youth Minister hard.  I make nearly nothing, yet my payroll taxes will go up, go figure.  Still, I am hopeful.  Hopeful I will do better than I have the past few months in writing about comics and stuff.

I did get a really cool Christmas gift from a family at church.  It was a box with some really old Gold Key and Dennis the Menace comics.  I really want to get The Mighty Sampson written up for you all.  One big thing I have slowly begun is straightening out my collection.  I get sidetracked, reading, when bagging and sorting.  I hope to get a count of just how many comics and trades I have.  That distracts from my writing.  Also I have much to work on for my kids at church.  I have let Puppets languish for too long.  I also have the 30 Hour Famine and Summer Camp to work on.  I have this crazy idea of doing a Comic Convention to raise money.  It would be me doing the convention and trying to allow the kids some money making aspects.  I don't know if I can do it.  My funds are limited and I would need many things to fall into place.  

My good buddy got me the Fifth Season of Doctor Who on Blu-Ray knowing I planned to buy one.  Problem was by the time I checked prices and stuff, the one I decided on became sold out.  Now I am waiting to try and get one hoping the price stays within my Christmas money from Dad to buy one.  It would be Netflix capable and provide more distraction from Blogging.  I want the DVD combo so I can have my old collection while starting a new one.

I am determined to write more this year.  I have these story ideas and never do anything with them.  That needs to change.  I hope to do more and maybe one day I can self publish some stuff and let that help fund my hobbies and support medicine and stuff.

Happy New Year to all and a speedy recovery the the awesome #PeterDavid . (He suffered a stroke.)  Stroke Update