Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: Flash #29 (1989)

My comicbook addiction (as my buddy Chris terms our mutual affliction) is all my cousin's fault.  She gave me hand-me-down comics from her son.  I marveled at the Thing and read with vigor the exploits of garishly clad heroes.  This issue of FLASH is one of this books I was given.  Back then I probably thought it was my namesake Barry Allen in the costume.  Really this is a Wally West story.  It also is my very first exposure to The Phantom Lady.

This is the humorous side of comics.  Wally starts the book in a messy room in bed.  It also is how he ends the story.  He uses his JLI tele-transpoter for a bit of a vacation.  He thinks he is in Paris, but really ends up in Lisbon, Portugal.  In a hurry he heads for Casablanca.  Instead of Rick's, Flash ends up at Dick's All American Diner.  It is apparently Spies eat for a discount night.  That is a set up for a great assassination tale.

The villains are Merlyn and Syonide.  Each has a target.  The targets are together.  The Phantom Lady has a little elderly scientist that is defecting.  When you find out what he does and the twist ending involving an Estonian Secret Police Agent you will laugh.  Flash is outstanding as a hero here and just rocks the casaba.

All in all this is a great single issue read.  It provides two outstanding adventurers that have a great adventure.  Wally seems both goofy and smart here.  It is a nice style for a hero.  He exudes the hero we want while staying fun.  That is the best way to leave this Flashback Friday, just saying this is a fun read.