Monday, October 22, 2012

Been Reading More Than Posting

I have been reading.  I have read through my Kyle Rayner Green Lantern books.  Sat down tonight and made sure all were bagged and in order as I watched the Presidential Debate.  I seem to have some near the end missing from the box.  I have to hunt them down.  I am also in the midst of Trunk Or Treat.

That is where I coordinate the people at Church to come and sit in the parking lot with there vehicle decorated and hand out candy.  It is fun, especially for me because we have nobody coming by the house.  I get to see all the kids in costumes and dress up myself.  I have switched i think to an older costume I did one year.  I found some cardboard tubes and hope to transform them into a pipe organ.

So I might be a bit scarce on here.  I have a long lag time in-between being able to buy books from the shop.  I do have some thoughts on just where DC has been heading and how it might be better than we thought.