Monday, September 8, 2014

Reading more than Writing

I just wanted to write a bit about why I have lost steam again.  I was doing great there once upon a time with at least having a Monday and a Friday post.  It worked as I cannot do up to date current reviews.  I just recently have been battling energy problems.  When I have burst of energy I tend to focus on work and life stuff that is not posting.  I have been reading my back issues of things.  I am not able to get to the shop as much and when I do I have so many books I just don't get any posts done.

I will be drifting away a bit soon as I put a hold on Terry Goodkind's new novel Severed Souls.  I hear he will be killing a main character of this fantasy world.  My fear is that it will be Cara who is my favorite.  Still, once I get into that novel, free time is devoted to that story.  It should just be a few days before the book come in to the local branch of the library system.

I only bought one comic at Hillsville.  I will be missing the Hickory Con to help lead a church event.  Works out OK as I have little money to spend on comics right now.  What I had saved for Trunk Or Treat has been spent.  Instead of handing out candy I will have comics to give.  I ordered 25 pounds of comics.  I hope my estimates of around how many books that will be is correct.  I will have a Comic Shop theme, but I don't think I will do Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.  He is just too much of a jerk.

As I said, low energy.  I am going to take my insulin and go to bed now.  Probably be up at 4:15 AM.  Not sure why, but that is a time I seem to wake up around.  I have the carbonated water ready and will take a few swigs and slip the Sleep Ap Mask back on.

Take Care all.