Friday, September 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: Velocity #1 (1995)

Yes, I am getting a Flashback Friday posted.  I am in a very blah mood, but just needed to do something to break this feeling of tiredness I have battled all week.  I received the 25 pounds of comics this week and was a bit disappointed in one way.  I really question that the kid friendly and teen friendly tags they used and the guarantee of majority Marvel and DC was met.  I mean I had an issue of Violator #1 in the kid friendly pack.  Anyway a problem I figured did happen.  I had a few issues I wanted to pull out and keep for me.  Velocity #1 is such an issue.

I have no real connection with the character.  I know enough to tell a person on the street that she is a speedster and on a team called Cyber-Force.  That pretty much is my know ledge of her.  I have always liked the character design for her.  The colors work for me.  I like the red hair.  She of all the Image characters from that period seems to be someone I would like.  Otherwise I have little in terms of collecting to do with Cyber-Force.

In this opening book of her 1995 series we get a glimpse of her as a team player.  Things stand out real quick about her.  Carin is a very sympathetic woman.  She cares and that can be enough to sense a reason she is using her abilities for good.  She wants to help.  It becomes real clear that she feels less than able to help.  From her own thoughts we see her as the weakest of her team.  She has doubts and fears.  We are shown a memory image of her sister Ballistic, whom Image readers would know, but I don't.  Carin tells in her narration that her sister is the tough and courageous one.

Now the plot.  A serial killer of super humans.  Through the turns and twists of the story he separates Carin and we get a look at his powers.  They are impressive.  He has Velocity's genetic marker and plans to hunt her.  We know that this is now a cat and mouse hunt where she will have to become the hero she doubts she is to survive.  It really is a good start to a story.  Not knowing about this world I still can become invested in seeing the adventure take place.  I get enough info to pull for Carin and want to see her prevail.  Maybe one day I will find the rest of the story and know how it ends.